Saturday, July 7, 2018

Shampoo Perfected-Amazon's Choice For Sulfate Free Shampoo

B. The Product's Shampoo Perfected is Amazon's choice for the United States. The Shampoo Perfected is made with 100% French Argan Oil. Perfect for Keratin and Brazilian Blowout Treatments. Sulfate, Sodium Chloride and Paraben free.

Friday, July 6, 2018

B. The Product Biotin, Amazon's Choice For Biotin Hair Growth In U.S. & Canada

B. The Product's Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner are quickly becoming Amazon favorites on Amazon U.S. & Canada. Sales of B. The Product's Biotin Shampoo & Conditioner for hair growth quadrupled for the second quarter. The Biotin shampoo & conditioner are now boasting the highly effective, "Amazon's Choice," banner which super-charges sales on the Amazon platforms. Below are some recent reviews on how 'potent' these products really are.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Home Grown Hair Care. When In Doubt, Buy Local!

Hair is a daily battle for everyone! We know that you're always on the search for the next best thing. When in doubt, local is always better! B. The Product hair care has now been in business for over a decade, with fulfillment in the United States, Europe, Canada, and Mexico. Being, "HOMEGROWN," has its priveledges. Being able to source highly effective ingredients here in the U.S. is key to maintaining the integrity for all of our customer's hair and give the rest of the world a taste of what can be made here at home.
 With the Trump administration looking down on businesses that are sourcing overseas, B. The Product maintains a level of efficiency here in the states that allow supervision and growth. Thanks to Amazon fulfillment that now dominates the beauty category, the floodgates have been opened to brands like B. The Product for worldwide distribution.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Sexy Hair Has It's Priviledges

Dominate your waves with our stylist recommended, firm hold hairspray, The SPRAY HARDER now 20% off retail cost on AMAZON.COM. Prime shipping available for orders in the U.S.

Don't let that little thing called, "gravity," get in the way of your sexiness!

Read one our many five star reviews from verified customers on

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Biotin Shampoo & Conditioner For Facial Hair Growth, MOVEMBER FOREVER From B. The Product


B. THE MAN with our new Biotin infused shampoo & conditioner for facial hair growth. Supercharge your sexiness and live like a legend! 

BIOTIN SHAMPOO FOR FACIAL HAIR GROWTH: Our Biotin shampoo for beard growth is free from sulfates and parabens. A mild yet effective conditioner for beard and skin. Its formula uses aloe vera and cucumber to grow and cleanse the beard and the skin under the beard, softens your beard with silk protein. This gentle biotin beard shampoo speeds up the growth of your mustache and beard, while moisturizing and cleansing the skin.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Age Defying Hair Growth in 6 months with B the Products Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner

Are you over 50? Has hair growth been a consisted struggle? B. The Product Biotin and Conditioner are Amazon's Choice in hair regrowth product. Take your now challenging locks and turn them into locks of gold.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

B. The Product Now Available In Europe! | Amazon Prime Now Available In Europe

Living abroad?
Want your favorite hair products from the U.S., but don't want to pay insane shipping fees?

B. The Product is now available on Amazon UK, Spain, France, Germany and Italy.